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Monday, 8 April 2013


Install New Facebook News Feed Application In Your Browser

In the World of Browsers Google Chrome At no 1 and launch day by day many application which useful for viewers. Now today I am shearing beautiful news with all those who love Facebook social media and use it and want always connected with Facebook news. A few days ago in Google chrome web store developers launch new Facebook news feeds. This beautiful application is only for chrome browser you can install in your browser in just one click. This application connect always with Facebook news feeds with out open Facebook tab that’s mean if you work on a web site and do not want to open the Facebook tab but want to see Facebook feed then now its possible from this beautiful application. Don't wait for the new Facebook News Feed. Get it now for free with Newfeed!
You can get the new Facebook News Feed immediately!
This is an unofficial recreation of the new News Feed. I did this because Facebook is taking so long to make the News Feed available to everyone.
This is completely free and I did it out of kindness for fellow FB users.

How to install Facebook news feed in browser?

  • Click on Below link.
Click on Below link
  • A new tab will be open.

Click the blue "ADD TO CHROME" button above to get the new Facebook News Feed!


When you click on it after a few second a popup windows open then click on add button.

Add New Facebook News Feed

You Are Done!

I Hope You Enjoy This Tutorial.....
Thanks :)

Shakeel Asghar ADMIN
Posted By: Shakeel Asghar

Shakeel Asghar is the owner and founder of I love to blogging, Design Blogger template, Web Developing and Designing.i like to learn and share tips with you.

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Install New Facebook News Feed Application In Your Browser